Claudio Lazo has crafted a series of creative workshops for advanced hair stylists to broaden their expertise through inspiring and challenging courses. Building upon basic foundation proficiency, Claudio will help attendees to delve deeper into the exciting, new techniques and trends, which translate to both salon and editorial work.

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A Stitch in Time — Inquire About Next Class Dates

This two-day hands-on class experience will open your imagination and enhance your styling creativity to a whole new level.

First you will understand the key principles that allow you to create amazing silhouettes and shapes. Along with various techniques of braiding, you will learn the art of stitching with needle and thread to create styles clearly influenced by Roman-inspired artistry, but with a contemporary edge and twist.

From whimsical, salon friendly looks to bold avant-garde editorial and runway shapes; this two-day innovative and inspirational stitching seminar will absolutely elevate your styling expertise.

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Iconic Hollywood Styles — Inquire About Next Class Dates

This two-day hands-on class experience will give you the opportunity to unlock the techniques that made the classic Hollywood styles. From the 1940s through the 1960s, you will learn how to create the famous styles of the iconic women of Hollywood’s three most glamorous decades.

You will learn the foundation of how to create the perfect “S” wave worn by Lauren Bacall and Veronica Lake in the 40s…The placement and balance of the various patterns worn by Marilyn Monroe and Rita Hayworth in the 50s…The sexy revolution of the 60s which gave birth to the sex goddesses Raquel Welch and Bridget Bardot.

You’ll discover the relevance of those styles by adapting the techniques of the past and getting a feel for how to move those techniques into today’s world of styling.

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